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«Ice company» farm

The farm is located in Martuk region, where nature has created the best conditions for cattle breeding and milk production. An intelligent herd management system of 3,000 Holstein-Friesian breed cows is used on our dairy farm.

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Feed production

We grow feed for our herd ourselves. Quite poor soils used to be an obstacle, but due to science and advanced agricultural technologies, we reached the level of not only self-sufficiency, but also the production of feed for sale. Thus, in August 2020, an alfalfa hay pelleting shop with the production capacity of 10,000 tons was put into operation. Granulated alfalfa is already on sale. Everyone who is interested, please contact A modern radio-controlled irrigation system operates on the company's fields. We conduct constant large-scale research and select the most suitable alfalfa seeds, hybrids and varieties of fodder corn for the soil and climatic conditions of West Kazakhstan.



Our cows of Holstein-Friesian breed were brought from Europe. Fat, protein, somatic cells in the milk of every milking, from every cow, are tracked using Israeli technology. We carefully monitor their health using an intelligent herd management system that allows us identifying problems at an early stage. We were the first in Kazakhstan to switch completely to ultra-sexed semen, which made it possible to bring the birth rate of heifers to 75 per 100 cows and to organize the sale of heifers for large and small peasant farms.

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Excellent indicators of the amino acid composition of milk

High content of trace elements

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Milk, fat content 3.8%

High levels of protein


The cowshed is the essence of our care for the herd. Equipped with the latest technology each cow from a rather large herd to eat, rest and gain strength in comfortable conditions. Feed and water supply systems, stall equipment and beds, lighting and ventilation - all parameters meet the highest standards in the field of cattle breeding and milking. An ideal thermal regime and microclimate is created in the cowsheds.

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